Intellectual Property Downloadable Forms

Here are links to downloadable documents that provide a guide for disclosing inventions. We recommend our clients use these as a starting point so that together we can consider the relevant legal issues while pursuing patent protection. Individuals who use these forms do so at their own risk. We do not advise that these forms be used, except when reviewed and revised by our attorneys. Without proper legal advice, reliance on these forms may prove to be unfounded and may jeopardize legal rights.

Inventor’s Disclosure Statement for Patents –Use this form to help keep track of prior art for your invention. This can be used when ordering a patent search and/or preparation of a patent application.

Prospective Client Intake Checklists:

Copyright Checklist
Patent Checklist
Trademark Checklist

New Lawsuit Considerations Checklist
These forms highlight certain issues which may arise in the seeking of copyrights, patents, and trademarks. These issues may determine whether or not the intellectual property can be obtained.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (Simple) PDF Version/Word Version –This Agreement can be used to form a contract with a third party with whom you would like to enter into a confidential relationship. It is not particularly overly protective of disclosed materials, but attempts to strike a balance between the disclosing-party’s rights and the recipient-party’s rights to use information it already has or can obtain elsewhere.

Non-Disclosure Agreement with Assignment of IP Rights PDF Version/Word Version— In addition to being a way to enter into a confidential relationship to protect your trade secrets, this agreement also requires the recipient of the disclosure to assign any intellectual property rights developed. It is particularly useful when working with a vendor who is creating materials or products for you.

Sample Employment Form to Secure IP Rights from Employees –- This agreement is a starting point to prepare an employment agreement for employers to secure the appropriate rights from their employees. Upon the hiring of an employee, the agreement should be used in conjunction with legal advice to properly document the relationship between employee and employer, and particularly to make sure that any intellectual property created by the employee in the scope of their employment, including patent, trademark, and copyright rights are properly owned by the employer.

Business Intellectual Property (IP) and Data Privacy/Cyber Checklist — This form is a handy checklist for companies to make sure that they protect their most precious intellectual property assets and avoid infringing the rights of others, as well as complying with cybersecurity and data privacy laws and regulations. Use this checklist in consultation with our advice as every company has different circumstances to address.

New Client Consultation Form — This form is helpful for us to understand who you are and the best way to reach you. Once we begin to represent you, our entire Quality Client Care® team will use this information to keep you informed of each step along the way.

Description of Intellectual Property (IP) for New Businesses — A summary describing the different types of intellectual property that all businesses should be aware of and for which they might want to seek protection. This can be used together with the New Company Intellectual Property (IP) Checklist.

U.S. Patent Pre-Filing Consideration Checklist — This form is used to help determine whether or not an expedited request should be made. It can also be used to decide whether or not to request that an application not be published.