Typical Fees

Cislo & Thomas LLP seeks to provide the highest quality intellectual property law services with highly competitive fees and costs.  We can provide better service at lower costs than most other general firms which offer intellectual property services because we focus on intellectual property.  We have perfected the art of providing great service, outstanding results and reasonable fees.

Scroll down to view our fee schedule for many of the typical legal services we perform. The quotes given are general in nature and should be used as a guide for evaluating the costs of any projects. Specific projects may be more or less expensive which we can quote once we know more about your objectives and the nature of the matter.


Typical Fees*


Standard hourly rates per attorney $395.00-$750.00/hour  
Standard hourly rates for paralegals $200.00-$350.00/hour
Flat rates and estimates are available however, including those listed below
U.S. Trademark Scan and Preliminary Report to Client $650.00
U.S. Trademark Registrability Search, Analysis, and Opinion $3,500.00-$4,500.00
U.S. Trademark Registration – Application and Preparation (one class of goods) $1,200.00
Trademark Prosecution (variable) from $800.00 – $2,500.00
Trademark Appeal to the Board (without argument) from $3,500.00
Trademark Section 8 and 15 Declaration $1,250.00
Trademark Renewal Application $1,400.00
Typical State Trademark Application $500.00-$1,100.00
Filing Foreign Origin Trademark Registration – received ready for filing $1,100.00-$1,700.00
International Trademark Scan (Worldwide) $1,750.00
Filing Foreign Trademark Application (per country) $1,600.00 – $2,700.00
Filing European Trademark Application $3,800.00 – $4,900.00
Filing Madrid Protocol Trademark Application $2,200.00 – $3,300.00
Prepare and File Substantive Trademark Opposition/Petition to Cancel at USPTO from $4,500.00
Utility Patent Novelty Search, Analysis, and Opinion from $3,500.00
Search without Analysis and Opinion from $1,300.00
In-Depth Patent Infringement Study, Including File History Review from $8,000.00
Patent Validity Determination from $10,000.00
Provisional Patent Application from $3,800.00
Original Utility Patent Application – Invention of Minimal Complexity from $9,500.00
Original Utility Patent Application – Relatively Complex Biotechnology from $10,500.00
Original Utility Patent Application – Relatively Complex Computer Hardware/Software from $10,500.00
Original Utility Patent Application – Relatively Complex Internet-Related Method from $10,500.00
Basic Information Disclosure Statement, Preparation, and Filing (w/application) $350.00
Average Patent Application Amendment/Argument from $3,500.00
Patent Application Amendment/Argument – Relatively Complex Biotechnology from $3,900.00
Patent Application Amendment/Argument – Relatively Complex Computer from $3,900.00
Appeal Brief to the Board in Utility Patent Application (w/o oral argument) from $8,000.00
Filing Foreign Origin Utility Patent Application, received ready for filing $3,800.00
Filing Non-PCT Patent Application Abroad (translation fees extra) $3,600.00
Filing Previously Prepared U.S. Patent Application as PCT Application in U.S. $8,500.00
Filing of PCT Chapter II Demand for Examination (basic) $2,950.00
Entering National Stage in U.S. Receiving Office From Foreign Origin
PCT Application (translation fees extra)
Entering National Stage in Each Foreign Receiving Office From U.S.
Original PCT Application (translation fees extra)
from $2,700.00 – $5,950.00
U.S. Design Patent Application (one embodiment – simple) $2,900.00 – $3,500.00
Expediting fee $1,200.00
U.S. Plant Patent Application $3,500.00
Copyright Registration – Application, Including Client Conference $750.00
Federal and State Court Litigation Standard hourly rates
All Other Matters Standard hourly rates
Setting up Trade Secret Protection Program  from $3,500.00
Agreements and Advice Standard hourly rates
Instituting Domain Name Dispute Proceedings Before Arbitration Panel from $7,500.00
Domain Registration Action Standard hourly rates
+ actual costs

* All fees/costs do not include any Patent and Trademark Office or other governmental fees which shall be charged with a seven percent charge for handling, wiring, currency changes, and interest, unless otherwise noted. Filing fees based on applicant as small entity and/or with one class of goods. Additional fees apply for additional classes and/or if the applicant is a large entity (500 employees or more). Jeffrey Sheldon, Esq.’s normal hourly rate is $950.00.
**Fees do not include USPTO costs which vary.
***To understand the stages of litigation and expected fees and cost, download the Cislo & Thomas LLP Litigation Cost Control™ (LCC™) Guide.