Cislo & Thomas LLP protects your written and artistic property by overseeing all aspects of your copyright needs, such as:

  • Copyright applications and registration;
  • Copyright licensing; and
  • Copyright enforcement.

Below you will find links to laws and rules relevant to copyrights in the United States:

Copyright Statutes (U.S.C.) – Federal Statutes on U.S. Copyright Law.

Copyright Rules (C.F.R.) – Federal Regulations associated with copyright matters.

Copyright Circulars – Information on aspects of copyright registration.

Copyright Forms – List of forms to file at the U.S. Copyright Office to protect various works.

Copyright Fees – U.S. Copyright Office filing fees.

Copyright Compendium of Procedure – A guide to procedures used by the Copyright Office.

Electronic Copyright Filing Guide – A guide on how to file a copyright electronically.

Cislo & Thomas LLP’s Electronic Online Copyright Filing Guide – Cislo & Thomas LLP’s guide on how to file a copyright application electronically.

Online Service Provider Registration – Rules concerning registration for copyright infringement immunity under 17 U.S.C. 512(c) for online service providers (ISP).

DMCA Information and Registration Checklist – Designated agents to receive copyright infringement take-down notices, organized by company.

Online Service Provider Registration of Agent to Receive Notification of Claimed Infringement – Login page for DMCA Designated Agent Registration Account.

Writers Guild Registration – Online registration of literary material to aid in the creation of evidence and documentation of works; FAQs; Instructions.

General Copyright Information (Wikipedia) – Wikipedia page on copyright law.

Vessel Hull Protection Act – Laws that protect watercraft hull designs. See existing vessel hull registrations which have been protected at the U.S. Copyright Office.

U.S. Customs Registration of Copyright – Once a copyright is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, it can be recorded at U.S. Customs and entered into their database of copyrights which is checked against imported goods. Customs will notify the registered copyright owner of incoming goods bearing the copyright when they are discovered.

Google Copyright Infringement Notification and Takedown Procedure – Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a copyright owner can seek to have Google take down infringing works by providing notice to Google. Use this approach as a first step to stop copyright infringers online.

eBay Copyright Infringement Notification and Take Down Request – Follow these procedures to notify eBay of any infringing items being auctioned and have them withdrawn from eBay’s web pages.

Facebook DMCA Notice of Copyright Infringement and Notice of Intellectual Property Infringement (Non-Copyright Claim) – Follow these procedures to notify Facebook of any Copyright or other Intellectual Property infringement and have the infringing materials taken down from Facebook.

Copyright Assignment Template – Use this copyright assignment document as a starting point to consider issues to be addressed in the assignment of a copyright application or registration the transfer of your rights to a third party assignee.

Copyright License Agreement Template – Use this licensing agreement template as a starting point to consider issues to be addressed in the licensing of a copyright application or registrationto a third party licensee (in which the licensor retains ownership of the copyright rights).

Copyright Clearance Center – Obtain permission on licensing rights for titles in science, medicine, humanities, news, business, finance and more.