Type of Work

Our firm does a vast amount of patent, trademark, and copyright prosecution work. We take on all types of technological issues. Recently, the firm has filed and prosecuted domestic and international patents in various mechanical applications, automotive components, optical wave conjugation, optic arrangements, computer applications, electromechanical apparatuses, aerospace advanced electronics, exercise equipment, and varied chemical compositions. We  have also filed and successfully prosecuted trademark and copyright applications throughout the United States and the world.

With our brilliant lawyers, the firm handles a substantial amount of litigation in both the Federal and State trial courts of California. In recent years, we have successfully litigated cases through trial, summary judgments, or injunctive relief to the benefit of our clients. Several of these decisions can be found in the United States Patents Quarterly Reporter or the Federal Reporters. The firm has also successfully handled a number of appeals being heard by the United States Court of Appeals for both the Ninth Circuit and the Federal Circuit.

Our work entails counseling clients seeking to obtain patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret protection, and looking to enforce these rights in court when they are violated. We advise our clients how to avoid infringing on the intellectual property rights of others, as well as protecting them from those who might infringe upon theirs.

Typically we begin by performing patent, copyright and trademark availability searches and opinions to advise clients whether they should proceed with their project. We can then file and prosecute patent, copyright or trademark applications through the respective government offices.

We work directly with the United States Patent & Trademark Office, the United States Copyright Office, the U.S. Department of Customs, and Federal Courts throughout the United States. We also work with patent and trademark offices throughout the world through our foreign associates.

Using our unique Intellectual Property Cost Control™ or IPCC™ methods we can provide quality patent, trademark and copyright filing, licensing and prosecution at reasonable costs which are at or below the median expected costs as reported by American Intellectual Property Law Association.