Typical Services

Cislo & Thomas LLP is a highly specialized law firm with offices in West Los Angeles, Westlake Village, and Santa Barbara, addressing intellectual property matters, particularly patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. The services that we provide include clearing intellectual property, establishing rights in intellectual property, licensing intellectual property, and defending or bringing infringement suits for misappropriation of intellectual property. We use our proprietary IPCC® system for transactional work involving intellectual property and our LCC™ approach for litigation services involving intellectual property disputes.The attorneys at Cislo & Thomas LLP also keep up to date on the complex and constantly changing privacy compliance laws and regulations and can assist you in all aspects of your data protection and consumer privacy compliance needs.

IPCC® Intellectual Property Cost Control® Transactional Legal Services

For our transactional intellectual property services, we use a process driven by a cost-effective system called Intellectual Property Cost Control or IPCC®. This allows us to provide the highest quality service at a lower cost. Some of the typical types of intellectual property law services we provide are listed below:



Trade Secret


Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

LCC™ Litigation Cost Control™ Litigation services

For intellectual property litigation matters we provide the same high quality approach to resolving disputes concerning patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and unfair competition using our Litigation Cost Control™ or LCC™ methods:

IP Litigation

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Litigation Cost Control (LCC)

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