Cislo & Thomas LLP provides our clients with reasonably priced legal services as expediently as possible using our Quality Client Care® (QCC) approach. We believe that each of our attorneys should be experienced in intellectual property (IP) prosecution and litigation to provide our clients with the most in-depth representation possible.

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality IP legal services, and we pride ourselves in maintaining good communication with our clients through a high level of responsiveness as well as genuinely having the clients’ best interests at heart and in mind. Yet, we also provide cutting-edge legal technology to allow our clients to understand and work on their IP issues with,,, and

We also believe that our offices should be close to our clients in Southern California in order to have direct contact with them and foster great working relationships. This way, we can best determine how to obtain and protect all of their intellectual property needs. These locations are conveniently located in West Los Angeles/Santa Monica, Westlake Village, and Santa Barbara. We consider all aspects of the protection sought, including the entire life cycle of the intellectual property – i.e. maintenance, licensing, and enforcement.

Our Mission Statement:

We provide prompt, high quality intellectual property (IP) legal services using our Quality Client Care® approach and geographically convenient locations in Southern California and state-of-the-art.  We adhere to the highest standards of excellence and integrity to fulfill our clients’ IP objectives, and strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and anticipate their concerns using a team approach.  To do so we foster a highly productive work atmosphere, cross-training attorneys and staff in all aspects of intellectual property, encouraging and rewarding our staff appropriately, and acquiring the new skills and technology to remain at the forefront of our integrated IP practice.