USPTO Warns Trademark Customers of Spam Calls

Takeaway: If you have applied for or received a trademark, be vigilant against scammers looking for personal information. When in doubt, consult an attorney if you are contacted from an agency claiming to be the USPTO.

The USPTO has warned trademark customers that scammers pretending the agency are calling and tricking individuals for money or personal information. The USPTO wants to remind the public that it will “never ask for your personal or payment information, such as your Social Security number or credit card details over the phone.”

Scammers impersonating the USPTO are not new for the agency, but scammers are continuously getting more creative. For example, they will send letters using official-sounding names like “U.S. Trademark Compliance Office,” and filled with dense legal language, convincing logos, and specific references to a brand owner’s trademark registration.

If you own or have applied for a trademark, be vigilant for scammers, and when in doubt, consult with an attorney before providing any personal information regarding your trademark.