Street Artist Files Suit Against Walmart and Ellen DeGeneres

Takeaway: Street artist Julian Rivera files suit against Walmart and Ellen DeGeneres, claiming unfair competition and copyright infringement alleging the large retailer and DeGeneres unlawful used the artist’s signature design.

Earlier this month, Julian Rivera, a street artist claiming to be well known for painting “a particular line drawing of a heart, resembling the word ‘Love’” filed suit in a California District Court against Walmart and Ellen Degeneres for using his “love” design on a collaborative clothing line without permission. Rivera claims he painted the “love design” on a number of products, including clothing apparel, and even has an online shop which featured the signature “love” design. In an attempt to stop the giant retailer from selling apparel with the same “love” design, Rivera sent a cease and desist letter to Walmart back in May. Despite the letter, his demands went ignored. Rivera then filed suit against the retailer and DeGeneres for copyright infringement and unfair competition.