RadioShack Sells Its Intellectual Property Including Trademarks

Hedge fund Standard General was announced the winner of the auction of RadioShack’s intellectual property, which includes its trademarks such as “RadioShack.” Standard General won the auction with a bid of $26.2 Million.

Standard General also happened to be the owner of the remaining 1,700 or so RadioShack stores that remained open. The intellectual property won through the auction included the brand name, phone numbers, domain names, patents, trademarks, relationships with dealers and franchisees, and customer mailing lists. 

One issue remains with the customer mailing lists because it is uncertain if RadioShack’s original privacy policies allowed the company to re-sell personally identifying information to an outside company. Thirty-seven state attorney generals expressed concern about this issue.  Standard General, RadioShack, and the states will be going through mediation to resolve the issue.