Patent Dispute Arises Between Peloton and iFIT Over Exercise Bikes

Takeaway: Successful products will always have copycats, so it is important to always protect your intellectual property and be on the hunt for alleged infringers.

Peloton sued iFIT for allegedly infringing several of its patents related to Peloton’s fitness equipment, including its famous bikes and treadmills. Specifically, the complaint alleged that iFIT released a “copycat version” of Peloton’s “leaderboard” feature the same month as Peloton’s initial public offering.

Further, Peloton claims that iFIT also “introduced Peloton’s patented technology across all iFIT products with iFIT functionality — including not only stationary bikes and treadmills, but also rowers, ellipticals and high-intensity interval training machines.” It is unclear yet how the suit will end, but Peloton and iFIT have been battling each other for years over their respective IP rights.

Photo Credit: www. medicalnewstoday .com/articles/peloton-review