Nokia Selling Over 6,000 of its Patents

Takeaway: Nokia Corp. acquired Alcatel-Lucent for approximately $17 billion in 2015 and is now in the process of selling its acquired patents through an investor pool to venture-backed startups.

Through Aqua Licensing LLP, a patent advisory and transaction firm, Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent will be parsing through a portfolio of 4,260 patent families; 6,069 granted patents; and 734 patent applications.

According to Aqua, the portfolio covers technologies such as wireless services, fixed-access and optical networks, hardware and components, user experience methodology, mechanics, and materials.

The company states that the intellectual property is going for cash purchases on a first-come, first-served basis.

“Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent have built a compelling portfolio fundamental to many growth markets,” Aqua managing director Mark McMillan said in a statement Thursday. “We see significant value in parsing this portfolio out to those who will see highest value from the ownership of these strategic assets.”

However, Nokia’s actions are contrary to what it allegedly promised before dropping out of the phone business.  Apple stated that Nokia promised to license out patents that cover standard and essential telecommunications technologies at fair and reasonable terms.  However, by going through Aqua, Nokia may be able to extort more value from its portfolio of patents.