Meta Involved in Trademark Lawsuit

Takeaway: A 12-year-old virtual reality company, also called Meta, is suing Facebook for trademark infringement over its new name.

Facebook’s corporate parent company, Meta, is being sued by a smaller virtual reality company, alleging that Facebook destroyed the smaller brand by using the name. The company, which is registered as MetaX LLC, goes by “Meta” in its branding.

The smaller company requested an injunction barring Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Platforms Inc. from infringing on its trademarks for the word “Meta,” saying it has been in use in the immersive and experiential technology industry since 2010.

The suit stated, “Despite its actual knowledge of Meta, and apparently believing that it could trample the rights of this small business with impunity, Facebook has deployed its almost limitless resources to saturate the marketplace with its infringing META mark. Meta stands no chance against the corporate goliath that is Facebook.”