Law Firm Disputes Google Over Legal Service Advertisements

Takeaway: LegalForce hits Google with arbitration dispute for allowing unverified legal services to advertise through the tech giant, contending Google does not take adequate measures to protect its users.

Global law firm LegalForce has initiated an arbitration dispute against Google, accusing the technology giant of allowing illegal trademark entities to compete in its advertising program. LegalForce claims that Google’s actions have led to revenue loss by diverting sales to unverified providers of trademark filing services.

LegalForce asserts that small business owners are deceived by these advertisements and are exposed to phishing scams and potentially invalid trademarks. As well, the firm states that it has suffered a loss of revenue and market share due to these alleged practices.

LegalForce contends that Google has not taken adequate measures to protect its users, and the law firm aims to make it a legal problem for the tech giant through the arbitration dispute. LegalForce’s complaint aligns with the terms and conditions of Google’s advertising program, which mandate the use of binding individual arbitration for dispute resolution. Google has not yet responded to the dispute.