Intellectual Property Law

For further reference, certain state laws pertain to types of protection such as trade secrets, while International PCT rules pertain to filing patents in other countries under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

Patent Laws, Resources, and Rules – The governing sources for the procurement and enforcement of all patent rights in the United States. Provides the basis for all patent protection.

Trademark Laws, Resources, and Rules – The statutes and rules for the handling of trademark filing and enforcement of rights in the United States.

Copyright Laws, Resources, and Rules – The statutes and rules which govern the handling and enforcement of all copyright matters in the United States.

Federal Court Litigation Resources – A listing of Federal Statutes, Rules, Jury Instructions and Calendars for the Central District of California, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

California State Law and Resources – The intellectual property provisions of California law are distributed throughout California’s many topical codes. Use this link to search the various code sections.

International PCT Rules and Regulations – Rules and guidelines for handling Patent Cooperation Treaty patent application filings, which allow patent pending status in over 100 different countries throughout the world.

U.S. Constitution – The main source of all intellectual property rights in the United States.

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