Fishing for Patents

Have you developed innovative new fishing equipment?  Not sure whether to patent it?  Take a look at these three stories to gain some inspiration for your next patent:

  1. Fishing Lure Pouch”  Harold Barefoot from Tipp City, Ohio invented an elongated hollow fishing lure pouch, which can retain fishing lure with a fishing rod and reel when not fishing.  The pouch is made of flexible material and has a slit lengthwise that can be opened by squeezing the opposite ends of the pouch, which helps with installation and removal of the lure in addition to shielding it from rods while carrying.
  1. Fish hook” This fishhook can be operated with one hand to release a fish caught on the hook without exposing ones hands to the hook or the fish’s teeth.  A button allows the angler to retract the lock rod from the notch though a rotation.
  1. In-Tank Feeder Fish Dispenser”  For his school’s invention fair, 10-year old Evan Loginov developed a device for dispensing live feeder-guppies to predatory fish.  The dispenser contains live feeder-fish in a small chamber.  The owner just needs to release a small door and the fish is let out, but the big fish cannot get into the chamber to eat the other feeder fish.