Daniel M. Cislo, Esq.


Managing Partner of Cislo & Thomas LLP and member since 1987.

B.S., Systems Engineering (Electro-mechanical), UCLA 1981.
J.D., Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, California, 1986.
Previously with Pretty, Schroeder, Brueggemann & Clark of Los Angeles, CA 1986-1987.

Recent Accolades:
Featured in the Los Angeles Business Journal, Most Influential Lawyers of 2014.
Named as one of the 2015 Trusted Advisors for the San Fernando Valley Business Journal.
Awarded as 2016 Top Attorneys of Southern California by Los Angeles Magazine.
Awarded 2016 Global Law Experts Award for Business Start-Up IP Law Firm in California.
Named 2016 Intellectual Property Practitioner of the Year by Acquisition International.
Named 2017 America’s Most Honored Professional by The American Registry.
Awarded multiple years of AV Preeminent Martindale-Hubbell recognition.
Awarded Super Lawyer recognition from 2013-2023.
Named 2019, 2020, and 2021 Business Start-Up IP Law Firm of the Year in California by Corporate International Magazine Global Award.
Named 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 Best Law Firms by Best Lawyers of U.S. News and World Report.

Admissions: United States Supreme Court; Court of Appeals for the Federal Court (CAFC); Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals; Federal and State Courts of California; United States Patent and Trademark Office; District of Columbia, Washington D.C.; U.S. District Court of Texas; U.S. District Court of Illinois; U.S. District Court of Indiana; and Canadian Patent & Trademark Office.

Associations: Santa Monica Bar Association Board of Trustees and Past President; Los Angeles Intellectual Property Law Association; Federal Bar Association Board of Directors; Los Angeles Copyright Society; Association of Business Trial Lawyers; American Bar Association; Malibu La Costa Board of Directors; President of Malibu Winding Way Homeowners Association Board of Directors; Malibu MPC Nursery School Board of Directors; Younglife of Malibu Board of Directors; Malibu Presbyterian Elder; Phi Kappa Psi UCLA Chapter Advisor; 9th Circuit Judicial Conference Lawyer Representative 2014-2015; Central District Court of California Lawyer Representative 2014; President of SecureCase Co.; Member of the Lawyer Representatives’ Mediation Panel Selection Committee.

Areas of Practice: Specializing in patent, copyright, trademark clearance, filing, licensing and litigation matters for a wide variety of complex technologies. Expertise in startup ventures requiring patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, unfair competition clearance, protection, enforcement, and licensing. Extensive experience in the high-tech, direct marketing, infomercial and multilevel marketing industries.

Intellectual Property Experience:

IP Litigation: Daniel M. Cislo has been involved in an extensive number of intellectual property federal and state court cases, in excess of over 500 cases, handling all aspects of intellectual property. Mr. Cislo has also been involved in state unfair competition and trade secret cases in the state of California.

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Trademark Trial & Appeal Board (TTAB): In addition to his federal court litigation concerning intellectual property, Mr. Cislo has also been extensively involved in handling trademark oppositions and cancellation proceedings before the TTAB, successfully litigating over 400 TTAB cases.

Click here to see all TTAB cases successfully litigated by Daniel M. Cislo

United States Patent and Trademark Office: Mr. Cislo has also filed a large number of patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). These patents range from laser optics, to internet ecommerce applications, to medicinal science, to exercise equipment, to kitchen appliances. Mr. Cislo has filed almost 4000 patents, including United States utility patents, design patents, provisional patent applications, and PCT applications.

Additionally, Mr. Cislo has been extensively involved in the clearance and the filing of trademark applications in the United States and throughout the world through his network of international intellectual property associates, some of whom have been working with Cislo & Thomas, LLP for over 30 years. Mr. Cislo has successfully filed and/or obtained over 3000 trademark applications and/or registrations at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

United States Copyright Office:  Mr. Cislo has successfully filed over 1400 copyright applications with the United States Copyright Office, as well as hundreds of copyright licenses and assignments. Mr. Cislo has also handled nearly 100 copyright litigation matters in federal court. He is notably a longstanding member of the prestigious Los Angeles Copyright Society, whose admission is only possible by extensive copyright experience.

Expert Witness Engagements for Intellectual Property Cases Within the Last 10 Years:

Top Brand LLC et al. v. Cozy Comfort Company, LLC et al.; Case No. CV-21-00597-SPL (Testifying in Federal District Court in Phoenix, AZ as a Non-Expert Patent Attorney)

Skye Orthobiologica, LLC v. CTM Biomedical, LLC et al.; Case No. 2:20-cv-03444-DMG-PVCx (Trade Secret and Patent Matters – Represented Plaintiff)

Lien Doan Chi Lang Foundation et al. v. Lien Doan Chi Lang Association et al.; Case No. 30-2019-01102934-CU-BC-CJC (Trademark Litigation – Represented Plaintiff)

Hsiao & Montano, Inc. v. Xstatic Pro Inc. et al.; Case No.: 2:21-CV-05430 MWF (EX) (Trademark Litigation – Represented Defendant)

Horowitz v. Chen, et al.; Case No. 8:17?cv?00432 FLA (DFMx)(Trademark Litigation – Represented Defendant)

Mercatus Technologies, Inc. v. Mercato, Inc.; Case No. 1:19-CV-01076-CFC (Trademark Litigation – Represented Defendant)

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, et al. v. McKennaCo, Inc., d/b/a McKenna & Company, et al.; Case No. 30-2019-01098975-CU-BC-CJC (Tradesecret Litigation Involving Copyrights – Represented Defendant)

Solid 21, Inc. v. Richemont North America, Inc. et al.; Case No. 1:19-cv-01262-LGS (Trademark Litigation – Represented Defendant)

Claimsolution, Inc. v. US Insurance Claim Solutions, Inc.; Case No. 5:19-cv-02049-DDP (Trademark Litigation Involving Copyrights – Represented Defendant)

Solid 21, Inc. v. Ulysse Nardin, Inc.; Case No. 19-80474-Civ-Middlebrooks/Brannon (Trademark Litigation – Represented Defendant)

Ironhawk Technologies, Inc. v. Dropbox, Inc.; Case No. 2:18-cv-01481-DDP-JEM (Trademark Litigation – Represented Plaintiff)

Godigital Media Group, LLC et al v. Godigital, Inc.; Case No. 2:17-cv-07796-VAP-MRW (Trademark Litigation – Represented Defendant)

Just Goods, Inc., a Delaware Corporation v. Hampton Creek Inc., Delaware Corporation, and DOES 1-10; Case No. CGC-17559876 (Trademark Litigation – Represented Plaintiff)

Jean E Sprengel, M.D. vs. Gregory A. Zbylut, et al.; LASC Case No. BC535584 (Intellectual Property Standard of Care – Represented Defendant)

XEO International, LTD. vs. Fantasia Distribution, Inc.; Superior Court Case No. 30-2014-00739867-CU-BC-CJC (Trademark Litigation – Represented Plaintiff)

Sunlight Product Technologies v. MPowerd, Inc.; CACD Case No. 2:15-cv-00126-MWF-JEM (Patent Litigation – Represented Plaintiff)

Medversant Technologies, LLC v. Christie Parker & Hale et al; LASC Case No. BC489969 (Patent Litigation – Represented Defendant)

Brighton Collectibles LLC v. AIF Corporation et al.; Superior Court Case No. BC526920 (Copyright Litigation – Represented Plaintiff)

Platinum Logistics Wy, Inc. v. Platinum Cargo Logistics, Inc. et al.; CASD Case No. 3:13-cv-01819 (Trademark Litigation – Represented Defendant)

Active Sports Lifestyle USA v. Old Navy; CACD Case No. 8:12-cv-00572 (Trademark Litigation – Represented Plaintiff)

Sunroad International, Inc. v. Eurostar, Inc.; LASC Case No. BC386485 (Trade Secret and Trademark Litigation)

Jeffrey Messinger et al. v. Robert D. Fish et al.; CACD Case No. 2:01-cv-02920 (Securities/Commodities – Represented Plaintiff)

Robinson & Robinson v. Leather Center Inc.; D. Ariz. Case No. 2:00-cv-00338-RGS (Patent Litigation – Represented Defendant)

Arbitration Engagements for Intellectual Property Cases:

Carlini Enterprises, Inc, and Anthony J. Carlini v. Paul Yaffe Design, Inc. and Paul Yaffe;  USDC Case No. 8:13-cv-01671 ODW (Patent Litigation —  Arbitration Award confirmed in Federal District Court)

ICANN Proceedings and Settlements:

Fitness International, LLC v. v. Carolina Rodrigues/Fundacion Comercio Electronico (lafitnesss.com)
Fitness International v. Shah, Fitoor (lafitnessemployeeportal.net)
Fitness International v. Dan Lee (lafitnessboxing.com)
Fitness International v. LA Fitness Balance and Lara Almeida (lafitnessbalance.com)
Fitness International v. Sydney Wilensky and Barbed Wire Heart Clothing (losangelesfitness.org)
Fitness International, LLC v. Keith Watkins (lafitnessnow.com)
Fitness International, LLC v. Darpa (Lafitnessbricknj.com)
Guthy-Renker LLC v. Waseem Akram (FixMD.com)
Primal Nutrition, LLC v. Primal Nutrition (primalnutrition.CA)
Karma International v. David Malaxos (karma.com)
Fitness International, LLC v. Furqan Hameed (healthlafitness.com)
Fitness International, LLC v. Alexander Chavez/LAfitnessstore (lafitnessco.com)
Sam Muslin v. Dr. Joseph M. Goodman (SamMuslinDDS.com)
Guthy Renker LLC v. Ocean Ocean (theoceanx.com)
Arbonne International LLC v. Jenu Biosciences, LLC (geniusultra.com)
Fitness International, LLC v Alistair Swodeck/Victor and Murray (lafitnessmodels.com)
Fitness International LLC v. LA Fitness in Perspective (lafitnessperspect.com)
Cocolabel AB v. Roche Gerard (newbody.com)
Technology Online, LLC v. Urban Home (urbanhome.com)
Garrey Corp. v. Jaime Munoz (xalosbar.com)
Guthy-Renker LLC v. Linkz Internet Services (vitaclear.com)
My Health, Inc. v. Top Tier Consulting, Inc. (myhealth.com)
Guthy-Renker, LLC v. Thomas Ham (Proactive-acne-treatment.com)
Guthy-Renker LLC v. Jim Perkins (freeproactiv.net)

Articles and Publications:

“Myriad Conflicts with Real World Molecular Biology.” Los Angeles Daily Journal (June 25 2013).

“Why International Inventors Might Want to Consider Filing Their First Patent Application at the United States Patent Office & the Convergence of Patent Harmonization and E-Commerce.” Santa Clara High Technology Law Journal (2014).

“Why Companies Outside the U.S. Should Consider the California Central District Court for their U.S. Intellectual Property Disputes.” Santa Clara High Technology Law Journal (2015).

“The California Central District Court: the New Hot Spot for International Intellectual Property Disputes.” Santa Clara High Tech Law Journal (January 20, 2015).

“Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements and How Definitions of ‘Affiliates’ or ‘Subsidiaries’ Can Make or Break Your Licensing Agreements.” Wolters Kluwer’s The Licensing Journal (2015).

“Provisional patent applications in the post-AIA era.” Intellectual Property Magazine (May 3, 2016).

“Provisional Patent Strategy Under the Federal Trade Secrets Act.” San Francisco Daily Journal (June 28, 2016).

“Venue Selection and the Rise of Super Patent Courts in the Post-AIA Era.” Texas Tech. Business and Bankruptcy Law Journal (August 2016)

“Surviving Patent Ineligibility Post-Alice for Software and E-Commerce Business-Related Inventions.” California Business Law Practitioner. (July 2017)

Numerous Intellectual Property Newsletters and Blog Posts

U.S. Patented Inventions:

US 8,827,170   Smart Ventilation System
US 8,474,728   Smart Ventilation System
US 8,123,142    Solar Powered Smart Ventilation System
US 5,850,796   Case Or Lockbox Resistant To Forced Entry And Theft And Method For Converting Case To Secure And Mountable Locking…
US 5,009,088   Modular Lockbox And Carrying Case For Pistols
US 4,890,466   Lockbox And Carrying Case For Pistols
US 4,788,838   Guardian Lockbox For Pistols
D349,231          Locking Case Bracket
D339,684         Attache Case

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Personal Interests: Dan enjoys running, skiing, and traveling on mission trips with his wonderful wife Lisa of over thirty years. Dan and Lisa have four grown children.

Contact: dancislo@cislo.com

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