American Bar Association Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over March Data Breach

Takeaway: The American Bar Association is being sued for a data breach. This occurrence is a reminder that all companies need to ensure they are maintaining cybersecurity compliance.

The American Bar Association (ABA) is facing a proposed class-action lawsuit over a data breach which exposed the personal information of almost 1.5 million members. This data breach occurred after an unauthorized third party gained access to the association’s network on March 6th.

The lawsuit states that the ABA’s “inadequate security” allowed hackers to steal the information, exposing members’ personal and financial data. The complaint also states that the ABA failed to comply with reasonable security standards to protect members’ data, as well as provide adequate notice to its members about the incident.

According to the ABA, the hackers acquired only usernames and “hashed and salted” password. No sensitive personally identifiable information was accessed. The lawsuit is seeking damages, including three years of credit monitoring services.