A Lack of Cybersecurity Awareness in Our Youth

Takeaway: Generation Z, over other generations, is increasingly falling victim to cyber crimes at a rate of over 150% over the last few years.

A recent study has found that individuals aged 20 and younger are increasingly falling victim to cyber-related crimes. According to a study by Social Catfish, the rate at which our younger population has fallen victim to these crimes has increased at an outstanding rate of over 150% over the last few years.

One theory for this could be their increased use of the Internet compared to other age groups and also a lack of education pertaining to cybercriminals. Generation Z is also thought to be more trusting of strangers on the Internet compared to older generations, including Millennials.

It is recommended that parents educate their children about the dangers of the Internet, including online shopping scams, influencer scams, etc. This is a reminder that when something seems too good to be true, it usually is.