Cislo & Thomas LLP is a full service intellectual property law firm, specializing in patent, copyright, and trademark litigation and providing Quality Client Care® throughout Southern California since 1979.



Our patent experts are prepared to help you in all aspects of Patent Law, including preparation of design, utility, and provisional patent applications, searching, filing, clearance, prosecution, licensing, maintenance, and litigation.


In helping you distinguish your products from those of your competitors, our skilled attorneys are active in all aspects of Trademark Law, including investigations, prosecution, and licensing.


Our attorneys oversee all aspects of Copyright Law and Entertainment Intellectual Property Law, including registration, licensing, enforcement, and litigation, in order to protect all of your written and artistic intellectual property.


Having successfully settled or won over 98% of our cases, our attorneys are experts in all aspects of Intellectual Property Litigation, including patent, trademark, and copyright matters, as well as trade secret misappropriation, idea theft, false advertising, and unfair competition.

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